$ 12.00

Process:Fully Washed, Dry Fermentation, Patio Dried
Elevation: 1,400+ masl
Variety: Caturra & Catuai

From Yepocapa Coffee Importers-

"Don Luis is a three-generation coffee farmer. His dad farmed the same lot that his grandfather did before him. For Don Luis, coffee is so much more than a form of income. It’s a way of life and even a way in which you can stay connected with your family. Farming means taking care of his family's land and honoring them in it. You could tell too. The shade trees were consistently spaced offering a great shade-cover and his plants were full of life. There was a beauty to his land that couldn’t necessarily be described but rather experienced."

We taste: Kiwi, Strawberry, Complex

8oz | 227g
2lb  | 907g

Roasted and shipped Monday and Tuesday. Orders placed after 8am on Mondays and Tuesdays will be roasted and shipped on the next roast day.