Mexico Colima Remudirero
$ 13.00

Roasted and shipped Monday and Tuesday.

Process: Fully Washed with eco pulpers
Elevation: 1200 masl
Variety: Typica, Bourbon
Traceable to: Rebudadero Township

The town of Remudadero has about 80 people. The farmers group has 8 members whose farms are within two kilometers of their washing station and drying patios. They also individual pages on Facebook, and learned about Crop to Cup by being friends with AMECAFE; so in a way this coffee was sourced in part because of Facebook.

We love how engaged and serious these farmers are about investing in quality, and look forward to tasting the fruits of their labor.

Notes: Cocoa, Pomegranate, Raisin Cookie

8oz | 227g
2lb  | 907g