Brewing Methods

Bindle Coffee can be made many different ways. Here's how to make some of our favorites!
Coffee: 2 tbsp (9 grams) of coffee per 5oz of water
Grind: Medium 
Brew Time: 4-5 minutes
Ratio: 1:17
- - -
- Pre-rinse the paper filter with hot water
- Add 2 tbsp(9 grams) of coffee per 5oz of water
- Start the brewing and sit back and wait for your cup to be done
Coffee: 15 grams 
Grind: Medium-fine 
Brew Time: 1 minutes
Ratio: 1:14.66
- - -
- Bloom with 30 grams of water for 20 seconds
- Slowly pour to 220 grams for 30 seconds
- Place the plunger on the top and press down for 10 seconds
Coffee: 21 grams 
Grind: Medium
Brew Time: 2:45 minutes
Ratio: 1:16.6
- - -
- Bloom with 40 grams for 20 seconds
- Pour 30 grams of water at a time until you've reached 349 ML
- Finish pouring at 2:15 minutes and stir sidewalls to ensure an even drawdown
Coffee: 60 grams 
Grind: Course
Brew Time: 3:30 minutes
Ratio: 1:14.83
- - -
- Add 120ML of water and allow it to bloom for 45 seconds
- Pour water to 890ML stirring the slurry
- At 3:30 begin compression


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